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Why I love Hong Kong

The old. The new. The paradox. The intoxication. The claustrophobicness. The coldness. The history. The advancements. The busyness. The melange. The East. The West.

It’s never the same. 4 trips, and still yet to capture it all.

It’s been 2 weeks, and I miss running, so so much.

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The English way

It’s Monday again *groans*- the weekend zoomed past just like that! =(

The trip in May 08 means springtime in London, and it was wonderful (especially after suffering through a wet & blustery winter in Jan 07) & it was great to have catched up with some friends to indulge in some English brekkie, lots of English pints *hic* & some photowalk as well. My bro is up in Manchester, so it was also awesome catching up with him & some close friends up there too.

One thing I love about travelling in the Europe is the fantastic train system – have yet to try Amtrak in US so we’ll see come Dec – but yes, train travel rocks big time as you get to catch up with some winks/read/bop to your iPod/people or scenery watch AND there’s no traffic jam! =D Of course, I had my share of mishaps while train travelling too but overall, it sure beats driving/flying.

I shall be returning to London for the 3rd time, in about 5 weeks or so. Can’t wait! (even though not really looking forward to the summer heat… ugh)

In other news, the week is crazily packed & I’ve got my fair share of thinking to do in regards to a lifetime decision… do have a good week ahead!

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Nikonians galore!

It’s the weekend again, wooooot! I must admit after being on medical leave for a week, heading back to work was a welcomed change (cuz that means I can drive & not stuck being a potato at home) & a meh-inducing, back-to-reality 3 days.

Such are the woes of a corporate minion.

So it was fabulous that I got some detours that sweetened the deal.

– Tonny finally came over to the dark side – he has gone Nikon, full frontal with D700, 24-70mm F/2.8 & SB-900. For NOW. Heh. It was good fun catching up with them, especially with me & Angie ooh-ing & ahh-ing over the bokeh of Woods’ new 85mm f/1.8 & the boys rolling their eyes at us (I’m pretty sure they too swoon over the bokeh, just less public than us girls do =P)

Welcome to the dark side buddy! At this juncture, I do believe it is only fair that Nikon offer us jobs, with the amount of people that have been switching over since they met us. (Nikon, are you reading this???? =P)

– Randster was back in town so it was only natural we went out for drinks. He was extremely disappointed that it was of the non-alcoholic type (we were at a Hong Kong style coffee shop, where I was indulging having a whole array of primes & D700 to knock myself out with bokeh), so Woods & I decided to be great friends & fulfill his wish before he flew back to Melb today.

No prizes for guessing where we ended up at.

Randster delighted with some late night message ;)

Absolute satisfaction after a long week at good ol’ Sid’s. Great friends, few pints, good ol’ days talk, bliss.

So great that I didn’t quite mind the fact I was smelling like a pack of Marlboros (ugh) & speeding home at 3am (woot).

Good to have you back dude, and see ya in Oct!

– Nick was a total sweetie by cheering me up with a sweet, sweet Mellow. It’s so gorgeous & I’d show you guys what I mean once I get some decent portraits of it.

I’m off to go see them kids tonight, it’s been a while & I miss em a heck lot. Enjoy your Saturday!

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