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September – A month of craziness…

Yes, I’ve been MIA for a bit as September proved to be one of the most hectic yet rewarding months of 2009. As we move into the last quarter of the year, it’s clear that this year have been jam packed with dramas & rewards.

And that’s just the way I like it :)

A quick summarized recap for September so far….

– Met some awesome girls for their girls’ day out portrait sesh, courtesy of Woody for letting me muck around & shoot some frames over their girly giggles. Yee Ping, Carolyn & Katrina are super bubbly shopaholics, and they totally reminded me of all the good times of me & my bestie, Ker Hui. The kinda antics we get up to, my my…. can’t wait to do all that again when I see her in Melb in 3 weeks! Here are some of their fun shots, all SOOC (time oh time, where art thou?)

Babes in a frame

Babes in a frame ;)



Yee Ping

Yee Ping



Told you they're shopaholics!

Told ya they are massive shopaholics!

Carolyn #2

Another one of Carolyn

The girls


– Having Cassey back over her summer break this year was one of the highlights. This trip drew us closer than ever & is testament that distance is no factor when it comes to true friendship. Twas a lot of good fun (evident from the shoot) & also night outs over the pints. Love ya tons woman & catch ya in London!

Mwah babe!

Love ya tons babe, mwah!

– Then… there it was – my first ever wedding assignment in Bali as a second shooter for Anna-Rina. Seriously I am blessed with such great people around me & their faith in me & my craft is just absolutely humbling. Watch for the post, can’t wait to share the images! Post is up, do check it out :)

The wedding photographers. Nom nom.

No, we didn’t cause the Bali earthquake =_=”

– Last but not least, the highlight of the month has to be meeting Jerry Ghionis when he was in KL for a one-day seminar. No doubt it was short but the things that we learnt (he’s an amazing communicator & is all willing to share, and we all know how rare that is in this industry) was mindblowing. I was picked to be his model for the day and I tell ya, being Jerry’s ‘bride’ for the day was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! It was good fun & to top it all off, I was given his autographed coffee table book, Gorgeous.

Yes I nearly couldn't sleep that night :P

I tell ya, I was barely containing my excitement when he gave me that :D As a book lover with dreams to publish my own book one day, being given this amazing collection of some of his best work was just… *tears up* I hope to be able to bring my craft to the next level & continue to be as passionate about photography for the rest of the years to come.

– Twas a real pleasure being able to celebrate Zach & Emily’s marriage registration as well. It’s rare that wedding photogs get to shoot one of our own at their own ROM :) Can you imagine his wedding with us lot there? (I’m sure there will be no shortage of cameras. Or photogs. Hee hee)

Zach & Em

Congrats again Zach & Em!

As Sep come to a close, Oct is looking fantastic as well – bring it on, life! :)

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So this is goodbye


It’s amazing how grief struck out of nowhere.

It’s amazing how quickly the tears came when I heard a song & remembered you.

It’s amazing how vivid it still feels, when I saw you in the casket & bid eternal farewell.

It’s amazing how we ended up at your favourite teaplace again without notice.

It’s amazing how we had so much laughter & good times when you were around.

It’s amazing how a single farewell marked the many reunifications.

It’s amazing how you have left so many happy colourful memories in the continuum of time we shared.

It’s amazing how all of our memories of you are of the same – laugh, eat, live, love.

Till the day we meet again, you live in our hearts & I’m thankful we had you, albeit briefly.

Thanks Tiff, for sharing that I’m not the only one feeling this way.

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Chasing balance & passion… but just bloody do it

So what is it that you’re chasing after, really?

Chasing sunsets

The age old conundrum of whether to follow your head or your heart.

As humans, we are given the ability to follow logic & apply rationale to many things, but with that we are also given the ability to still feel with our hearts. Gut feeling, 6th sense, premonition – call it what you will but it has proven necessary to bypass our 24/7 switched on brains.

It’s also probably the stem of all our headaches. With all the conflict of what we should & want to do, the ‘I-should-be-doing-this-better-even-though-I’m-already-doing-fantastic’, etc. That kinda thing.

As an extremely logical & rational person (I’m a science graduate & a psychologist for crying out loud) but also one that is allowed to be more in tune with my heart (via photography & music, and I’m a true blue passionate scorpio), this constant conundrum of balancing the opposite ends is very much part & parcel of me.

In the past year, I’ve learnt something really important about myself, which is basically the fact that I do not believe in living life with regrets.

What with regrets, it’s a rather subjective thing obviously but to me, regrets mean all the plagueing what-ifs.

‘What if I did this, what if I didn’t do that, I wished I did, if only I could go back in time….’

All these, to me, are regrets in life. Often it stems from the simple fact that we FEAR the unknown.

We fear that we will fail, we fear that we have things to lose, and all these fear are what’s gripping over the head & hence, bury the heart. And that paralyzes us.

Which brings me to my biggest question: If you didn’t even give it a go to begin with, how would you know if you’d fail or succeed or not?

So just do it! (thanks Nike!) – regardless of whether you succeed or fail, at least you have tried AND you know the outcome. No more guessing/what ifs. Move on and LIVE.

Taking the leap into the unknown

I am human (contrary to what some people think, haha with all your superwoman talks & all :P) and am gripped by these fears too from time to time. Over lunch recently with a close friend, he mentioned that I probably had the priviledge of never failing before and hence is daunted by what’s ahead of me.

Yes, daunted by none other than the fear of failing to continue the streak of success. That really struck the head on the nail for me & I gave it some thought.

Looking back, I have had some really good runs in life.

Studies, career, friends, family, photography, languages, travels, health… I could not complain much, really. Luck undoubtedly plays a part but I’ll say, those things came through with effort too and a damn heck lot of balancing.

Having to juggle studying (school, uni & now, languages), putting in the extra effort for work to exceed my expected targets, spending countless hours learning, talking, shooting, editing for photography, heart-to-heart with friends despite all of the insanity… I too had to deal with all this to get to where I am at today.

And how did I manage?

It’s mainly one big part of passion + fine art of time management = balance between responsibility & interest.

When you love something so so so so much, you will somehow find a way to do it. It’s not rocket science, just a love so strong it’s unsilencable. Guiding you like a compass, it reminds you over & over again WHY is it that you’re doing this.

Out of the love for it, of course.

And when you follow that, you’d find that things fall into place & it all makes sense.

But also remember, this is a lifelong journey and is not called a journey for nothing. So yes, the road ahead is of course long, but also reflect to check & balance of how far you have ALREADY come. It’s a continuum, not a destination race.

Now I do know this is easier said than done (duh) but when was the last time you were utterly honest with yourself & asked yourself some serious questions about why you are stuck in the rut that you are?

The responsibility whether to do something about it or not, lies with YOU.

Have a think about that.


PS* Yesterday, life showed me that I’m still incapacitated to handle grief as it can struck out of nowhere in the most unexpected times. So, I’m learning how to accept these surprises life springs on me & will be going for this, for my aunt.

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