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Yes, I’ve pulled the MIA stunt again for a bit. Since the last post, I’ve turned 26 & tons have happened. One thing 2009 brought upon was a heck lot of travelling.

When I kaypoh-ed and checked out my horoscope for the year (my bestie is my source of clairvoyancy), it said I will be doing a lot of travelling, I just brushed it off as ‘things people gab when writing horoscope predictions’.

Little did I know I will be on the road this much, and a lot of it unexpected as well.

A little recap (you know it is too much when you struggle to recall where you’ve been when you meet up with old friends) of my globetrotting journey thus far for 2009:

– April: Hong Kong (eternally grateful that I got to see my aunt in her great cheerful spirits despite the 2 brain surgeries she had just a month before)
– July: UK (bro’s graduation & some quality time with the family up in the Lakes District & seeing friends in London)
– Aug: Hong Kong (to bid eternal farewell to my aunt & reinforcing our already close family ties via grief)
– Sep: Bali (first ever overseas wedding shoot with Anna-Rina, first hand experience of the satisfaction that comes along with bringing and capturing joy of the happiest day of Russ & Jess’ lives!)
– Oct: Melbourne (the wonderful wedding of Deb & Will, a lovely reminiscing trip meeting up with my Aussie buddies AND meeting Jerry Ghionis!)
– Nov: Singapore (super brief trip to catch up with Ian & Andrew, all in a day’s driving!)

Now being a globetrotter is nothing new (a glimpse into my Flickr & you’ll get what I mean – I’ve been doing this for a while now), but as with all journeys there are many revelations that come along with it as well.

One such realization is where you feel most at home at, and the second part of that equation is the PEOPLE that are back there.

The ones waiting for you, being there for you, have fun with you, encourage & support you, believing in you and most of all, loving you.

I have immensely blessed in so many ways to have so many wonderful & positive individuals around me all my life, but this year as I go through challenges & changes of many kinds, I realised that even if I lose everything material overnight like say, tomorrow, I’m still so lucky in many ways.

It is also when I realised as we get older, and when people move on with their own lives that simple little things like celebrating birthdays or anniversaries together become increasingly difficult. The sudden shock came when I missed my bestie’s birthday because I was away in Bali for a shoot – one might say ‘ah well it doesn’t matter, you’d be home a day after anyway’… but when it dawned on me that for next year’s birthday, he very well would not even be in the same country as I am, it pained me so.

And the same applies for each and every one of the birthdays of my other bestie in Melb. We see each other once a year, or twice (if we’re lucky, like this year!) & when we get together, my my :D And anyone that says they’re busy & haven’t got time to catch up with their buds should take leafs from our books – we’re two of the busiest persons you’d ever meet & yet we find time to chat on Skype when we can. So, please… no excuses :P

But the wonderful thing about these kinda friendships is despite the distance, or rather, timing; is that over & over again it made me realise that despite us not being able to be ‘together’ to celebrate, our friendship & trust is so strong that regardless what happens, we are there for each other and that in itself means more than the world to me.

So this year, with its many upheavals & challenges, I’m thankful I got to celebrate yet another wonderful year with so many amazing individuals & being so loved in many ways :D

I honestly, could.not.ask.for.more.

So to all you peeps out there that laments in not being able to be ‘together’ as much as you like, cherish in those memories & bond of those not physically around you, for it transcends being together but not connecting.

I am thankful :)

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