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A new home, yet again…

My journey in photography has been nothing short of amazing & full of revelations thus far. I’m thankful daily for the renewed sense that photography instills me, the places which it has made me left footprints & most of all, the amazing individuals which shares the same passion & love for a craft that never ceases to amaze us each & every single day.

As such, I felt strongly that the gems which I have amassed along the way deserve a proper home and thus, the idea of was born. It has always been strange, having a portal in my name but it is only fitting to honour my work & the little morsels of visions that enriched my life through & off the lenses by having my other love, my writing and words to accompany the illustrious nature of them images.

It is of course, an ongoing refinement & journey that I am on… and as I continue to globetrot & capturing fleeting moments for individuals (preferably combining both!), there will be more addition & stories to tell. So do bookmark this journal of mine (excuse the pun, I’m sure you’ve noticed the obviousness of the theme of it all) & check back for more light & words coming your way.

Last but not least, a massive thank you to my web designer for realizing my dream concept & encapsulating the essence of me into this portal.

Light & love, Huey

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