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It’s a belief which I’ve had for a while, but becomes increasingly more true as time goes by – that the biggest challenge life has given to me is to be able to find happiness from within, instead of relying on external factors to ‘give’ you that happiness.

By no means am I discounting the joy we can get from the loved ones we have in our lives (in fact, I am VERY thankful for all the wonderful people in my life who loves me tons & I in turn, love them lots), but as I see more of life & others, I realise their incessant & inherent unhappiness ultimately stem from their need to seek external validation for their self worth.

And that, is a powerful destructive force to the self.

I am still on the journey to be able to be 100% happy from within, to ultimately have this happiness complemented by another individual’s. But never am I more thankful that this realization gets closer each & everyday as I go along the journey of life.

So to those who are on the journey to happiness, even if you are alone, never stop walking the road because you never know what might be waiting along the way, or at the end of it :)

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Unknown. Fear or live it?

It’s been pretty full on hectic since I took up a new role in an entirely different industry. Despite all the challenges thus far, I must say it is pretty rewarding despite the intermittent doubts that nags me at the back of my head. I suppose that is how it’s like when you have to open & thread the path of the unknown, with all the potential yays & nays all ahead of you, revealing itself to you when the time & effort invested is somehow just right.

In any case, I still have been able to savour the light – had the pleasure to celebrate a few weddings, some photowalks with good mates & just enjoying inspiring/being inspired by the others who also love the light. That’s one thing that I love about photography – no matter how rare/often you do it, it remains its mysterious & rewarding self, as long as you choose to tinkle with it.

Having been on the road extensively the last few years (I was on the road 8 months last year!), this year with the new commitments & numerous unknowns made me felt like I’m doing jail time, travel-wise; even though I know it’s the price to pay with something new. In any case, when there’s a will there’s a way, so I did some early planning & shuffling of schedules, resulting in a getaway to a country I’ve always wanted to visit – Vietnam. Of course, given the option of no holiday vs short holiday (well, it’s almost 6 days actually – count your blessings, Huey), I will only be in Ho Chi Minh City this time around.

In other news, the journey of walking on the wire of work-life balance continues. I am however, thankful that I get to go through that with some precious me-time still, great catch ups with close friends, time-out in form of yoga & running and lotsa musical therapy. I’ve had the pleasure of catching Yo-yo Ma & Chicago in Singapore earlier, and splurged on West Side Story when they came to KL, all of which were excellent & reminds me why music is therapy for me. Of course, I was not immune to the latest fever that is Glee, a huge part of it is no thanks to my bestie for making me a even bigger Gleek that I already am :)

So when the going gets tough, or the road you’re venturing on seems to be of completely unknown, reflect & review – have you got some amazing individuals sharing the same continuum of time with you?

Remember how far you’ve come, only then look forward to how far more you have to go.

Light & love xxx

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