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Namaste, light & love

It has been a very trying week & it is at times like these where you ask yourself all the brutally honest questions. Flustered is the most underrated description for the week & even the people around me can sense the frustration in me, despite my determination to get through all of these uncertainties & challenges ahead unscathed.

These trying times are when I always go back to what I believe & love most, to remember why I am here & why I am doing this. One of those things were yesterday’s Ashtanga class after a week’s hiatus. I was really, really looking forward to practising with my fellow Ashtangis, so imagine the pleasant surprise when it turned out to be my first ever Mysore class :)

In the past 3 odd years that I’ve been practicing yoga, it is only recently that I started sharing a kinship with my yoga buddies. Since most of us practice Ashtanga together, we’re affectionately termed as Ashtangis by our awesome teacher, Azmi. I’ve been following Azmi’s classes since I started yoga & his teaching is something I find myself gravitating towards throughout the years – the subtle adjustments, key technique instructions, nuggets of life wisdom & teaching.

Not to mention, the abundance of laughs in our classes!

So yesterday’s Mysore class was a different experience altogether – we all got to practice Ashtanga in our own pace, with the systematic breathing & everyone going through the poses with no rush at all. It might sound funny, but the energy during the class was just amazing! Perhaps it’s the fact that everyone got to truly immerse in their practice that the energy just resonated throughout.

The people around me are prolly sick of listening to me saying yoga has changed my life :) As cliche as it is, it truly has as yoga is not just a physical challenge of how many poses you can get into, but many of the things it teaches you can be directly applied to life as well. Some of the things it has taught me includes:

Patience. What you may not be able to achieve today, you will be able to achieve in the future. Just keep believing & trying, one day you’d find yourself crossing the threshold.

Honouring yourself & respecting differences. Everyone has different levels that they can go to & yoga is not a competition.

Equal parts of mind & body. Most of the time, our mind is what limits us to where our body can go. I find this extremely complementary to what running is for me – if you put your mind to it, chances are you can do it despite the initial scepticism.

Humility. The more I stand on my head, the more humbled I am as I knew how difficult it was to get there.

Balance. Yoga is something that honours both strength AND flexibility, it does not say either one is better & same goes for many other areas of our lives that require that delicate equilibrium to be maintained.

Teachings on the mat, bring it to your life. Learning how to let go is one of the biggest thing that yoga has taught me, letting the mind take a break from the incessant thinking by focusing on your breath is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever gotten taught. You break away & come back a better person.

However, last but not least – yoga has brought me friendship with a bunch of great people which I get to share laughs, pain (literally!), good food & the journey with.

Most of all, it has brought me friendship with myself :)

So, I look forward to more amazing things ahead with my fellow Ashtangis.

Namaste, light & love!

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Belief is a beautiful armor, it makes for the heaviest sword.

It’s like punching underwater, you can never get who you’re trying for.

John Mayer was unto something with those gospel like lyrics.

A trying week, testing my patience, tenacity, faith & most of all, belief in myself.

Sometimes I do reflect & wonder, how far I’ve managed to come all this while & a few constant things have always remained my faithful light through moments of darkness.

My belief in myself, the belief that others have in me even on days that I don’t for myself, perseverance, always a clear conscience knowing I have done my best and most of all, throwing all thinking out of the window when the time comes to it.

Wtf you say on the last bit?

Well, as humans we tend to overcomplicate things. Can’t be helped, in the era where we are constantly bombarded by expectations, instant gratification and all that smoke, we often keep thinking. And thinking. And weighing. And comparing. And fearing. And freaking out. And giving up.

By the time we do all of the above (and more often than not, doing a lot of the above ALL AT THE SAME TIME) – we forget about the essence of it all – doing it to begin with.

So, I’m hecking all care & will just keep soldiering on for all I care.

I don’t give a hoot about what have I got to lose, what others reckon, how others might think & judge, f-em all.

I’m living it up my Nike motto – just do it. Cuz I’ve got belief, in myself.

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C’est une langue avec beaucoup des nuances mysterieuse, les mots speciale et la grammaire bizarre!

Mais j’adore cette langue, avec toute les idiosyncrasies.

Toujour musicale, toujour belle et bien sur, toujour difficile!

La culture, les cafes, les pains, la Seine, Paris, France, mes amis Francais – toute me manque beaucoup.

J’attends pour le jour on va rencontre encore…

Quest-ce que j’ecoute maintenant: Rose – Je m’ennuie

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