Huey: Photographer. Writer. Globetrotter

Bubbly & often travelling the world, Huey is one person which is often described by her friends as the person whose smile & laughter lights up a room. Her infectious energy & positive enthusiasm is exactly how she is like behind or in front of the camera.

Her love affair with the light begun when she was a little girl mucking around with her grandparents & dad’s film SLRs, but the consuming passion begun in May 2007 when she actually dragged out her dad’s DSLR & went on a journey she never looked back. Combining her love for globetrotting & capturing images, Huey has amassed an amazing collection of images of people, places & culture via her travel photography, retelling many stories via the universal language of photography.

Having graduated as a psychologist, it is no wonder that she now combines her passion for people into photography as well. Bringing out the essence of people is her motto in portrait photography and it is something she enjoys very much – to encapsulate the different moments & personalities of people through her images.

When not behind the camera and/or globetrotting, Huey can be found at bookstore cafes reading (she has a home library!), out running to clock the miles or standing on her head in yoga, and most likely of all, enjoying great laughs with her friends/family.

Huey is available for travel & portraiture assignments worldwide, any queries about her availability please drop a line via the Contact section.

Alternatively, you can check out her extensive portfolio at her other home, at Flickr.