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Passion, the compass within

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Imperfections: Learning how to live with it

The only constant in life is change.

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Journeys & the gems it has in store for you

Images courtesy of Sir TY

It’s been a long while yet again, with the season of being on the road returning. As a constant nomad, I actually looked forward to it. Very much so especially the last few months have been challenging beyond description… so it was a really good respite when I got to head to Vietnam for a little photo travel week.

Little did I know, a trip which I initially planned to embark upon alone could end up with so many pleasant surprises. Life, you are absolutely amazing :)

Long story cut short, the ways that people’s paths cross regardless where we are continuously astound me. Same love & views for life, perhaps yet again all you’ve been looking for will come to you at a time where you are not looking for it.

Met lotsa fun people, came back with lotsa images that will last me for a lifetime – it was really nice being able to get out there to shoot & not give a damn about what you might get to bring back with you. When the pressure is off, you can then let your heart do what it does best.

And my heart, my eyes, through my lens… all did what it did best – loved & lived it :)

What lies at the road ahead, no one knows. But certainly chances should be taken & present moments should be cherished.

Never go through life with regrets, for that is hardly living at all.

Even when I thought my heart was breaking into a million little pieces with the arrival of devastating news, I was glad that I felt at peace when we all met & practiced again. It showed that we are indeed living yoga – it is not the place that matters, as long as the people still love it & practices all that has been taught the best we can, wherever we are… making the most out of it.

Again, never more thankful to have a bunch of like minded Ashtangis with me, as well as some individuals that have proven time & again that we can, will & want to go through a heck lot more of life together, each time emerging even stronger :)

Thankful, for all the light & love I’ve been shown xxxx

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