Thaipusam: Good over evil

Warning: EXTREMELY photo-intensive post with graphic images

As a Malaysian, I’ve been wanting to visit Thaipusam for years now. This amazing festival had long attracted much attention due to the grandeurness of it all & the controversy of devotees having their bodies pierced with spears & hooks, while carrying kavadis up the 272 steps of Batu Caves.

So, with less than 3 hours of sleep but armed with lots of enthusiasm (thanks Jason & Robin for indulging me!), we checked out this festival that celebrates the most basic of humanity – good over evil. Even though it was a little underwhelming for me (expected more crowds, chaos, traffic nightmare etc) but was blessed to not have those plagued us, it was still amazing to witness people’s devotion to Lord Murugan & the extent they will go to to give thanks (when they have wishes to be granted/had their wishes came true/when they wish to atone for past sins).

With multiple piercings & carrying tremendous weight of a kavadi to walk 15km (this is before going up the 272 steps too, mind you), I had utmost admiration to what faith can do. A belief so strong in your Lord that you do not feel physical pain or exhaustion to complete your mission of giving thanks & being grateful for your blessings… with family & friends chanting ‘vel, vel’ (‘vel’ is the lance which vanquishes evil), it was an amazing experience of humanity being together to beat good over evil.

So here are some images from the day & remember, do good and not evil :)

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