A rare of moment of solitude

Of me and my images.

They bring me back to all the places I’ve left footprints at, instantly evoking all feelings & emotions felt at that moment.
Most of all, I revel in the fact that I’m blessed with the ability to paint with both light, and words.

For travel photographers, the challenge comes with our craft is seeing the same places over & over again and wonder what is new to shoot. Or to shoot an iconic place that has been literally photographed millions of times.

The question should never be ‘what is new to shoot’, but ‘how can I see things in a new way’. It can be the same exact frame hitting your retina, but never the same feelings, for this person which houses the senses have gone through life, and it makes the heart experience each image differently across time.

And that is our challenge to express all those different feelings through the confines of frames, to let your audience feel what you felt too.

I’ve had some challenges this year in terms of returning to same places I’ve been. Yes, there were some apprehensions at first of wondering how to shoot in a different way again… but once you’re back there & have set the right expectations (in my case is *try* not to have any expectations – easier said than done), you’d realise it distills you down to one thing.

A photographer.

No bells & whistles of whether you are pro, semi-pro, freelancer, commercial, weddings, leisure shooter, what have yous.

Just. a. photographer.

And most importantly, a photographer that is seeing things through the person that you are at that time. For the only thing constant in life, is change.

Once you’ve found the essence of that, the rest will follow… and shining through your images.

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