My Friday night

A random post, just to remember how great it is to have simple things in life :)

I’m just gonna be thankful that I get to laze & read in bed, chillax a little & have such great friends & family to come home to.

This Friday evening constituted of….

Ikea meatballs FTW!

Ikea meatballs FTW!

Coffee & books, super FTW!

Coffee & books, super FTW! Thanks Onn for the cuppa ^_^

You want ALL of these? o_O

Yoon Onn: You want ALL of these? o_O

Yes, that’s my books wishlist for the moment :P

Tanjobi o omedeto!

Tanjobi o omedeto! Today is Sue’s birthday :)


Happy birthday dear :) As long as we get to celebrate together these days, the prezzies & cake matter no more.

Revel in the small things of life, and you’d be instantly happier. Have a good weekend peeps!

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