The week that was…

Farewells are part of life & we just need to be thankful for the times we had in between the hellos & goodbyes.

Thanks for all the comforting words that’s poured in after the last post.

I’d be flying to HK at end August to say my goodbye to my aunt.

But just as life have been for eternity, when one door closes another opens. I have been experiencing paradoxical weeks recently, of good & bad news alternating at an insane pace… making me all dizzy trying to comprehend. But again, all part & parcel of life.

Some snippets from the past week:

– accompanied my manager to get her first ever tattoo. It was quite an experience, despite me being a big fan of Miami Ink & seeing many people get their ink and of course, the stories behind it, my first experience of seeing ink in skin is still… different :) Somehow it’s just not the same but twas a fun process nonetheless. In case you’re wondering if I work for a mafia lady, I don’t. Here’s what she got:

The tatt before it was inked

Her daughter’s name, sooooooo sweet :)

The stuff made out of dreams...

– I’m going on my first ever overseas assignment shoot! Most of you will know I do a lot of travel photography, dabbled in planned shoots here & there… but come this Sept, I will be assisting the muscular fabulous Anna-Rina for a wedding reception in Bali :) I’m so excited when I saw the venue shots that I shuddered – super jaw-droppingly gorgeous place! Soooooooooo excited about my first ever overseas wedding shoot & back at one of my fave locations in the world – honestly did not expect this at all so am giddy with joy :)

– Speaking of shoots, I am also very honoured to be photographing the fantastic yoga studio where I get pretzeled weekly. BeYoga is the brain(heart)child of Ninie Ahmad & Azmi Sandjanga – both my teachers which I’ve been following since YZ days. They are some of the most cheerful & encouraging people, not to mention looking super smokin’ hot with their flexible ways ;) I am soooooo sooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to it cuz I’ve been having all these images in my head when I practise at BeYoga. Can’t wait!

– On the work front, we are about 80% at the end of the race… really looking forward to see what the next steps are after 2 years of working on this project. My Masters-in-Europe dream hinges on it & it is indeed one of the most important keystone in my next career progression step. All these years of battle have made me a stronger & better person, and thankfully not a more jaded person.

– Also on the work front, an interesting opportunity has opened up… It’s not everyday that you get to meet individuals behind an organization that shares the same values as you do, as an individual so that was something I’m happy for. I am one person who don’t believe in lying to yourself & pretend to live a different life (my life so far has been testament of my frankness to meself & others) so it would be some very interesting times ahead…

– Of course, the most fabulous way to unwind a long hectic workweek will be to meet up with some mates & chillax… and chillax/camwhored/talkcock we did :D Finally got to meet the infamously funny Eeyern together with the usual suspects of MK, YY, Jon & Kenneth. Laughed & laughed we did, and as I get to know them more my respect for them & their craft grow even stronger… check out their fabulous work as linked above.

Three stooges

– Last but not least, I got to spend some quality time over the weekend with two of my most favourite people in the world, Woods & CC :D Twas some overdue catch ups no doubt, but in this life where the 3 of us are constantly spending lots of time in planes & hotels, it is this kinda meaningful catch ups which I cherish the most. I honestly don’t know where would I’d be without the support & love of them two, so it was really really lovely spending some time with them. As we speak, one is already overseas, one is flying tomorrow & the other will be eagerly waiting for them to return before she flies off herself :D

Three monkeys :D

Absolutely *heart* them soooooo much :)

In this long journey of life, it was what keeps you going that counts. Because had you not enjoyed the process of getting there, you would not have lived to begin with.

Have a good week ahead guys!

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