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The English way

It’s Monday again *groans*- the weekend zoomed past just like that! =(

The trip in May 08 means springtime in London, and it was wonderful (especially after suffering through a wet & blustery winter in Jan 07) & it was great to have catched up with some friends to indulge in some English brekkie, lots of English pints *hic* & some photowalk as well. My bro is up in Manchester, so it was also awesome catching up with him & some close friends up there too.

One thing I love about travelling in the Europe is the fantastic train system – have yet to try Amtrak in US so we’ll see come Dec – but yes, train travel rocks big time as you get to catch up with some winks/read/bop to your iPod/people or scenery watch AND there’s no traffic jam! =D Of course, I had my share of mishaps while train travelling too but overall, it sure beats driving/flying.

I shall be returning to London for the 3rd time, in about 5 weeks or so. Can’t wait! (even though not really looking forward to the summer heat… ugh)

In other news, the week is crazily packed & I’ve got my fair share of thinking to do in regards to a lifetime decision… do have a good week ahead!

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