Cambodia – Silent witness to time

Damien & I spent a week in Cambodia in Jan 08 and it definitely was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had in my globetrotting life.

Ravaged by war for decades, millions of Khmer people were massacred under the insanity that is Pol Pot’s regime in the 70’s. Nearly everyone we met in Cambodia knew/had someone that were killed then, and it is heartwrenching to see them recount the horrors they/their parents faced during the harrowing time. However, Khmer was also a country incredibly blessed with a rich cultural heritage thanks to the legacy of an ancient civilization.

Today, what is left standing is the almighty Angkor Wat & its surrounding temples… but the spirit of Khmer people is what amazed us most. Faced with incredible hardship & poverty, they still manage to smile & continue to strive for life.

And that, is something we all should remember when faced with difficulties in our lives. Put in perspective, we often do not realise how lucky we already are.

I thank this country for letting me soak in the ancient richness of its civilization legacies, for its sincere & strong willed people and also for letting me meet some people I otherwise would never have crossed paths (c’est le destine, JS)

So I invite you to see Cambodia through the images, in anticipation of the day you witness this magnificent country with your eyes…









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