Paris, j’adore toujours

I was chatting with someone about Paris this morning, and it has made me all nostalgic about one of my fave cities in the world. As some of you would know, I’ve been doing French for the past 3-ish years now and as such, France is a country which I enjoy more than others. Maybe it’s because of the small pleasant surprises like seeing plat du jour in Parisian cafes after reading about it in text books… it’s just a strange burst of joy as I uncover more gems of French culture & its people in real life.

So, having visited Paris twice and having an extremely awesome tour guide (Etienne, a good friend of mine since Melbourne days), it’s only natural that I’ve got more photos of it than other European cities. When I was approached by Alliance Francaise to do an exhibition on Parisian shots this Jan, it was a more daunting task that I thought.

Try picking 25 shots out of hundreds that represents Paris & its way of life, and you’d begin to see what I mean.

As I went through all of them shots from Dec 06 – Jan 07 & May 08, it made me realised that Paris is a city with so much to see, and over different seasons offers you morsels of delightful surprises as you see the same things in a different light. There is just an inexplicable feeling as you walk through the labyrinth of alleyways, its grand boulevards, astounded by famous monuments or just having a quiet intimate moment in small but ancient churches.

Most of all, it’s a city that you can fall in love with (or fall in love in), over & over again…

So, I invite you to take a walk with me in Paris….

A la prochaine fois…

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