Nikonians galore!

It’s the weekend again, wooooot! I must admit after being on medical leave for a week, heading back to work was a welcomed change (cuz that means I can drive & not stuck being a potato at home) & a meh-inducing, back-to-reality 3 days.

Such are the woes of a corporate minion.

So it was fabulous that I got some detours that sweetened the deal.

– Tonny finally came over to the dark side – he has gone Nikon, full frontal with D700, 24-70mm F/2.8 & SB-900. For NOW. Heh. It was good fun catching up with them, especially with me & Angie ooh-ing & ahh-ing over the bokeh of Woods’ new 85mm f/1.8 & the boys rolling their eyes at us (I’m pretty sure they too swoon over the bokeh, just less public than us girls do =P)

Welcome to the dark side buddy! At this juncture, I do believe it is only fair that Nikon offer us jobs, with the amount of people that have been switching over since they met us. (Nikon, are you reading this???? =P)

– Randster was back in town so it was only natural we went out for drinks. He was extremely disappointed that it was of the non-alcoholic type (we were at a Hong Kong style coffee shop, where I was indulging having a whole array of primes & D700 to knock myself out with bokeh), so Woods & I decided to be great friends & fulfill his wish before he flew back to Melb today.

No prizes for guessing where we ended up at.

Randster delighted with some late night message ;)

Absolute satisfaction after a long week at good ol’ Sid’s. Great friends, few pints, good ol’ days talk, bliss.

So great that I didn’t quite mind the fact I was smelling like a pack of Marlboros (ugh) & speeding home at 3am (woot).

Good to have you back dude, and see ya in Oct!

– Nick was a total sweetie by cheering me up with a sweet, sweet Mellow. It’s so gorgeous & I’d show you guys what I mean once I get some decent portraits of it.

I’m off to go see them kids tonight, it’s been a while & I miss em a heck lot. Enjoy your Saturday!

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