Today, the random jumble in my head consists of:

Melbourne. Travel. Nikkor 85mm f/1.8. Drawing lines. Saying no. Draft edit #8. Bermuda. Luxembourg. Tax office. Netherlands. EURO 85,000. Kite flying. Self being the stumbling block. Self also being the key to freedom. Months of rumination. Friends. Dream chasing. Genuine comfortableness. In love with the idea of being in love. Unconditionally there. Watermarks. Photoshop. Oh shoot yes Photoshop. Milk tea. Banana leaf rice. What’s for dinner. Dad. Mum. Bangkok. Crossword puzzles. CSI. NYC. Apartment rentals. Now or never. Friday is just a day away. Australia. Japan. Flats. I miss my heels. Traffic light portraits. At peace. John Mayer’s Continuum. Slow dancing in a burning room. I love that song. Room for squares. I love that album. Khalil’s Orange Moon lyrics. 4am. Acid tests. Feeling OK. Winter in office. Yoga. I miss yoga. Ker Hui. Late night grocery shopping. Zara overcoat. Nikon D700. Sid’s. Guinness. Yes oh sweet Guinness. I still have to wait till tomorrow?. Meh. Can’t wait to see them. Ikea Clips frame. Love yourself. Sometimes you just have to shut out the outside noises. Hmm peace. Yes I really think this is it.

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