The journey of me against myself

It’s Monday again, bleurgh. Exactly 3 weeks since I sprained my right ankle and been subjected to involuntary house arrest since then.

As a person that enjoys regular runs & yoga, it has been rather painful (literally & metaphorically) to be immobile. Injuries always sober you up to realise how damn much we take our bodies & health for granted.

Some examples:

  • no heels (*sobs*)
  • can’t drive for a week
  • limping up & down stairs/whilst walking
  • being confined with an ankle brace
  • your other leg now bears most of the weight & you soon feel the effects of it
  • you wince at the thought of playing high-impact sports/wearing 3-inchers

Hence I’m adamant to get myself healed up to resume my active lifestyle. But running is something I fell into…

From my youngest days, I’ve always detested running. I totally suck at it and it ain’t half as much fun as say, swimming. Our family have always been a sporty one – Dad & bro both runs 6km 3 times a week, squash & golfs; I have been hitting the pool since I was 5 & meddled with anything from baddy to skiing to yoga.

But never running.

So after the fiasco with my yoga place last year (it closed down, bloody long story), I’ve been looking for another way to keep my juice going. That’s when I decided to issue myself a challenge, and put on my running shoes.

I managed only a measly 1km. That was Dec 08.

Next thing I know, I was reading up on running, how to keep it up & what inspires others to get out there to clock the miles. We are blessed with a fantastic neighbourhood, so it became my running playground. As of 3 weeks ago, I was regularly clocking 5km at least twice a week.

It made me drag my lazy ass out of bed early morning to run; I thought about what new routes to run today; my bro asked if I wanted a Garmin running watch from UK – it basically pushed me out of my comfort zone.

And I’m lovin’ it.

But the largest lesson when it comes to running, just like in life, is that often, YOU are what’s stopping yourself. You’d soon realise that if you put your mind to it, your body will just follow suit.

Just like photography, it challenges you to be different every day. Not one run is the same, neither are any of the shots. So, enjoy the journey as they say :)

I certainly am, be it good or bad.

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